Towards a new Methodology for Designing Dynamic Distributed Cooperative Human-Machine Systems

Tango, Fabio and Heers, Rainer and Baumann, Martin and Ronflé-Nadaud, Catherine and Osterloh, Jan-Patrick and Lüdtke, Andreas
Advances in Human Aspects of Aviation
New challenges for Human Machine System arise from the ever increasing complexity in each embedded system component as well as from the distributed nature of future systems. Therefore, a new methodology for development and evaluation of Dynamic and Distributed Human Machine Systems (DCoS) is required. This methodology will need to be supported as well with efficient Methods, Techniques and Tools for system development. The proposed methodology will be used in the project D3CoS ( for the development and evaluation of DCoS in four different domains. Described here is a an initial version of this methodology and some evaluation results.
07 / 2012
CRC Press
Advances in Human Factors and Ergonomics Series
Designing Dynamic Distributed Cooperative Systems
Landry, Steven J.; Karwowski, Waldemar