TaP: Towards Visual Analytics on Interactive Surfaces

Flöring, Stefan and Hesselmann, Tobias
Collaborative Visualization on Interactive Surfaces
Today the amount of collected data steadily grows. New tools and approaches are essential to cope with the problem of finding relevant information in large databases. This paper describes a visual analytics system named TaP which supports gesture based interaction on a table top computer. TaP is focussed on multi-dimensional data and provides a novel menu design, the stackedhalfpie menu, to explore hierarchical data structurs such as the dimensions and measures of the OLAP data model. It then allows to select items out of the multi-dimensional data model and visualize them on a bubblechart. Special focus of this paper lies on gesture based interaction techniques to explore the visualized data. OLAP operations to modify the granularity or the selected are of the dataare initiated by gestures performed on the table top. The TaP system was design with aspects of collaborational analysis in mind. It provides selected features to allow multiple users to interact with the system and still manage to keep a personal working territory around them.
04 / 2010
LMU-MI Technical Report
Petra Isenberg, Michael Sedlmair, Dominikus Baur, Tobias Isenberg, Andreas Butz