Stacked Half-Pie Menus - Navigating Nested Menus on Interactive Tabletops

Hesselmann, T., Flöring, S., Schmitt, M.
Hierarchical menus can be found in many of today's software applications. However, these menus are often optimized for mouse or keyboard interaction and their suitability for touchscreen-based interactive tabletops is questionable. On touch based interfaces, screen occlusion by the user, menu item size and the usage of intuitive navigation paradigms are essential aspects that need to be considered. In this paper we present our approach: "Stacked Half-Pie menus" that allow visualization of an unlimited number of hierarchical menu items as well as interactive navigation and selection of these items by touch. The menu concept is strictly optimized for touch based interaction, making our approach an interesting alternative to established menu types for interactive tabletops. First evaluations show that our approach particularly appeals to users in terms of learnability and ease of use.
11 / 2009