Specification of Hardware/Software Communication Design Methodology based on Abstract Communication Models

Grabbe, Cornelia and Grüttner, Kim and Schubert, Thorsten and Oppenheimer, Frank
This document starts with integrating software in SystemC by introducing a notion of time. The following chapters deal with communication mechanisms where in the first step the shared objects of OSSS 1.0 are considered as a possible abstract mechanism for HW/SW communication. The disadvantageous lead to the next chapter which proposes improvements to overcome the limitations of shared objects from OSSS 1.0 in order to model HW/SW communication in a more convenient way. Since, the extended shared object approach is still limited a more general approach is aspired in chapter 5 and chapter 6. Chapter 5 introduces the concept of synthesisable channels and chapter 6 extends these channels by mechanisms needed for HW/SW communication. The channels encapsulate the communication protocol which can be user defined or a component out of a library. The document ends with a comparison between the extended shared object and the synthesisable channel approach followed by a conclusion.
08 / 2005