ProtoEnvGen - Rapid Prototyping Environment Generator.

Çakir, Mustafa and Grimpe, Eike
FPGA s are becoming more and more important as emulation devices and even as target devices. During rapid prototyping and emulation of designs with an average complexity, PCI-based FPGA-Boards can be used as a universal platform. The usage of these boards requires the design and the implementation of a structure for the communication between the design under test and the environment. This task is performed manually and it is a time consuming, error-prone process. In this paper we present an approach and a tool to automate rapid prototyping with a PCI-based FPGA-Board.
12 / 2001
VLSI SOC 01, 11. IFIP International Conference on Very Large Scale Integration, The Global System on Chip Design and CAD Conference, Montpellier/ Frankreich