On the Benefit of Synergistic Model-Based Approach for Safety Critical Interactive System Testing

Nabarra D., Palanque P., Barboni E., Mistrzyk T.
Task Models and Diagrams for User Interface Design
This paper claims that the design and construction of safety critical interactive systems require both a task centred approach to support efficiently operator’s goals and activities and a system centred approach to increase the dependability of the system. The approach presented proposes a model-based approach integrating tasks and system models. This integration is done at the model level (in a similar way as in) and at the tool level exploiting PetShop environment for the system side and AMBOSS for the task side. The tool level integration describes three different protocols each of them having advantages and limitations. The model-based approaches are introduced through a case study in the field of command and control systems. The application called AGENDA allows operators to define and organize work plan for satellite ground systems.
11 / 2007