Non-Interference Properties for Data-Type Reduction of Communicating Systems

Toben, Tobe
An increasing interest in "Systems of Systems", that is, Systems comprising a varying number of interconnected sub-systems, raises the need for automated verification techniques for dynamic process creation and a changing communication topology. In previous work, we developed a verification approach that is based on finitary abstraction via Data-Type Reduction. To be effective in practice, the abstraction has to be complemented by non-trivial assumptions about valid communication behaviour, so-called non-interference lemmata. In this paper, we mechanise the generation and validation of these kind of non-interference properties by integrating ideas from communication observation and counter abstraction. We thereby provide a fully automatic procedure to substantially increase the precision of the abstraction. We explain our approach in terms of a modelling language for dynamic communication systems, and use a running example of a car platooning system to demonstrate the effectiveness of our extensions.
07 / 2007