Mind the Shapes: Abstraction Refinement via Topology Invariants

Bauer, Jörg and Toben, Tobe and Westphal, Bernd
Dynamic Communication Systems (DCS) are infinite state systems where an unbounded number of processes operate in an evolving communication topology. For automated verification of properties of DCS, finitary abstractions based on exploiting symmetry can be employed. However, these abstractions give rise to spurious behaviour that often inhibits to successfully prove relevant properties. In this paper, we propose to combine a particular finitary abstraction with global system invariants obtained by abstract interpretation. These system invariants establish an over-approximation of possible communication topologies occurring at runtime, which can be used to identify and exclude spurious behaviour introduced by the finitary abstraction, which is thereby refined. Based on a running example of car platooning, we demonstrate that our approach allows to verify temporal DCS properties that no technique in isolation is able to prove.
10 / 2007