iCARDEA: an intelligent platform for personalized remote monitoring of the cardiac patients with electronic implantable devices

Arbelo, Elena and Dogac, Asuman and Luepkes, Christian and Ploessnig, Manuela and Chronaki, Catherine and Hinterbuchner, Lynee and Guillen, Andrea and Brugada, Joseph
Europace Journal
Introduction: More than 800,000 patients (pt) in Europe have a cardiovascular implantable electronic device (CIED), causing 5.8 million follow-up visits for pt/year. This calls for new methods of long-term surveillance with a view to optimizing pt safety and care, alleviating the burden of caregivers, and lowering health care costs. The iCARDEA Project aims at developing an intelligent platform to semi-automate the follow-up of CIED pt using adaptable computer interpretable clinical guideline models.Methods: Data from hospitals' electronic health records (EHR), from pt maintained personal health records (PHR) and the CIED device readouts, are collected and correlated. We describe the approach and system architecture.Results: In order to provide the Adaptive Care Planner, the CIED data is converted into a vendor independent standard format, and EHR and PHR data are converted to HL7 Clinical Document Architecture (CDA) format, in order to be connected to the iCARDEA system. The data presented is enriched by automatically generated patient-specific warnings and suggestions based on statistically valid patterns extracted using state-of-the-art data analysis techniques applied to reference case knowledge bases. An adaptive care planner employing clinical guidelines automates risk assessment generating alarms as appropriate. Pt are empowered with integrated Personal Health Records (PHRs) that enable informed and responsible participation in their health care and education.Conclusion: Making remote monitoring of CIEDs an integral part of collaborative pt care, requires interoperable systems, but can save physicians time, while contributing to higher pt comfort, safety, and quality of life. A clinical trial is planned after completing the system components including the security and privacy measures.
06 / 2011
European Heart Ryhtem Association
An Intelligent Platform for Personalized Remote Monitoring of the Cardiac Patients with Electronic Implant Devices