Efficient Splitting of Test and Simulation Cases for the Verification of Highly Automated Driving Functions

Eckard Böde, Matthias Büker, Ulrich Eberle, Martin Fränzle, Sebastian Gerwinn, Birte Kramer
Computer Safety, Reliability, and Security
We address the question of feasibility of tests to verify highly automated driving functions by optimizing the trade-off between virtual tests for verifying safety properties and physical tests for validating the models used for such verification. We follow a quantitative approach based on a probabilistic treatment of the different quantities in question. That is, we quantify the accuracy of a model in terms of its probabilistic prediction ability. Similarly, we quantify the compliance of a system with its requirements in terms of the probability of satisfying these requirements. Depending on the costs of an individual virtual and physical test we are then able to calculate an optimal trade-off between physical and virtual tests, yet guaranteeing a probability of satisfying all requirements.
September / 2018
Springer International Publishing
37th International Conference