Eco-Joy: Imagining Sustainable and Joyful Food Eco-label Futures

Shakeri, Gözel and Jung, Frederike and Altarriba Bertran, Ferran and Friday, Adrian and Fernández Galeote, Daniel
Adjunct Proceedings of the 2022 Nordic Human-Computer Interaction Conference
A third of global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions are attributable to the food sector, however dietary change could reduce this by half. Educating consumers on the environmental impact of their choices through eco-labels as a form of sustainability signalling may be a powerful approach to tackling climate change if it can bring about a large scale transition in households and supply chains. When designing interactive systems and applications integrating eco-labels however, we need to take into account the different barriers that exist (e.g. lack of knowledge, climate anxiety, complexity of food systems, affordability). The aim of this workshop is to imagine the future of eco-labels and sustainability signalling in ways that are both effective and joyful. The workshop invites researchers and practitioners to discuss current eco-labels, and creatively design the future of sustainability signalling with emerging technology.
October / 2022
Association for Computing Machinery
NordiCHI '22