Design and implementation of a Maple-package for the predictability of real-time systems

Korte, Mario and Albers, Karsten and Slomka, Frank
Proceedings of the Maple Conference 2006
Many critical systems are controlled by computers, for example airplanes, nuclear power plants, airbag systems in cars etc. The most important factor of the used systems is of course that they work error free. But for the subset of hardware and software systems named real-time systems it is as well most important, that the system works absolutely predictably in both, time and function. Working predictable in time means that all software tasks meet their previously defined deadlines. The implemented Maple package supplies test methods and functions for scheduling algorithms like EDF (Earliest Deadline First), RMS (Rate Monotonic Scheduling) and DMS (Deadline Monotonic Scheduling), that have been proved to predict the compliance with previously defined deadlines.
07 / 2006