Combining Functional and Interoperability Testing - Results from the HITCH Project

Heidenreich, Georg and Onken, Michael and Parisot, Charles and Poiseau, Eric and Bruun-Rasmussen, Morten, Bourquard, Karima and Devlies, Jos
Tagungsband der eHealth2011: Health Informatics meets eHealth - von der Wissenschaft zur Anwendung und zurück
This report describes intermediate results of the current project HITCH (Healthcare Interoperability Testing Conformance Harmonisation) of the European Commission. Issued by EC DG Information Society, the project invites partners with different approaches regarding specification, testing and certification/labelling to join their methods and establish a roadmap towards an overall functionality and interoperability testing approach in eHealth. The paper explains the existing approaches and a potential synthesis as developed by now.
05 / 2011
Österreichische Computer Gesellschaft (OCG)
AIT Austrian Institute of Technology
OCG Book Series. .
Healthcare Interoperability Testing and Conformance Harmonisation
Schreier, Hayn, Ammenwerth