Battery discharge aware energy feasibility analysis

Lipskoch, Henrik and Albers, Karsten and Slomka, Frank
Proceedings of the 4th international conference on Hardware/software codesign and system synthesis
It is observed that pulsed discharge currents allow to drain the battery with a higher specific power. Thus they improve the batteries durability and discharge performance. The question is how can the allowed discharge of a battery be modeled. Embedded real-time systems often rely on batteries. For these systems it is necessary to prove both, real-time feasibility and the constraint to not exceed the allowed discharge currents. This paper presents a unified approach for both objectives using the flexible model of event streams, because it allows both to model a complex allowed-discharge curve and the real-time requirements for complex task stimuli. We present the model and the calculation of the allowed and requested discharge curves. Together with the known event-stream based real-time feasibility analysis this allows a unified analysis of both aspects of the system. This work enables the modeling of complex discharge requirements of batteries for real-time systems.
11 / 2006
ACM Press
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