Automating the design flow for distributed embedded automotive applications: keeping your time promises, and optimizing costs, too (TR)

Büker, Matthias and Damm, Werner and Ehmen, Günter and Metzner, Alexander and Stierand, Ingo and Thaden, Eike
We address the complete design flow from specification models of new automotive functions captured in Matlab-Simulink to their distributed execution on hierarchical bus-based electronic architectures hosting the release of already deployed automotive functions. We propose an automated design space exploration process resulting in a cost-optimized extension of the existing target hardware and an allocation of balanced task structures automatically derived from the specification model on this modified target hardware which is sufficient to guarantee both system-level timing requirements and deadlines extracted from the Matlab-Simulink specification model.
03 / 2011
SPES 2020
Software Plattform Embedded Systems 2020