Amplitude-Phase Variation in a Graphene-Based Microstrip Line

Yasir, M.; Fatikow, S.; Haenssler, O.C.
A graphene-based transmission line with independent amplitude and phase variation capability is proposed. Variation of graphene’s tunable conductivity by an applied DC bias is exploited in designing an attenuator and a phase shifter. The attenuator and phase shifter are separated from each other by an interdigitated capacitor to ensure independent control of each section through an applied DC bias. The phase shifter is designed by optimizing lengths of a tapered line and an open stub for a maximum variation of input reactance with a change in graphene resistance. The attenuator is designed by two pairs of grounded vias connected to the transmission line through graphene. Variation of graphene resistance controls the signal passing through graphene pads into the ground causing attenuation. An independent variation of 5 dB of attenuation is measured along with an independent phase variation of 23 degrees in the frequency range of 4 GHz to 4.5 GHz.
06 / 2022