AmbiX: Designing Ambient Light Information Displays

Müller, Heiko and Fortmann, Jutta and Pielot, Martin and Hesselmann, Tobias and Poppinga, Benjamin Henze, Niels and Heuten, Wilko and Boll, Susanne
In today's information society a vast amount of information is competing for our attention. The increase of incoming messages and continuous information updates often distracts us from our primary tasks and makes it challenging to stay focussed. A solution to this is to provide an overview of information updates in an unobtrusive manner, which does not require an immediate attention shift, but rather creates a continuous and overall awareness. One approach to provide such an awareness are ambient light displays, which address humans' perception abilities to gain cues from our periphery. In this paper we present six examples, which investigate the use of ambient lights in different contexts and situations, such as household and office settings as well as mobile and social networking tasks. We describe our experiences from these examples and the conducted user studies. We further derive challenges and questions for future research.
06 / 2012