Adaptive Overlay Network Topologies of Smart Grid Services with Dynamic Constraint Hierarchies

Frauke Oest
Energy Informatics
Abstracts from the 8th DACH+ Conference on Energy Informatics
The future communication infrastructure in distribution grids might lack, for economic reasons, bandwidth for running all possible smart grid services. This can create communication congestions which can lead to delayed critical messages in the power system possibly affect the power system stability. Prioritizing smart grid services may maintain the core functionality of the power system in high traffic situations by neglecting low-prioritized services. The number of neglected services can vary depending on the system situation. The prioritization of services considering QoS, such as latency, can be transformed into a dynamic constraint satisfaction problem. Constraint satisfiability may be positively influenced by virtualized services that are flexibly moved to servers in order to relieve or avoid the congested communication areas. This PhD-project focuses on the combination of the dynamic constraint hierarchies and virtualization of smart grid services to contribute to the operation of distribution grids.
9 / 2019
Energy Informatics volume 2
ENSURE Phase 1
Neue Energienetzstrukturen für die Energiewende