Nanomanipulation in the Practice: the NanoHand Experience

11.10.2007 Aktuelles

NanoHand is a European funded project, where leading researchers and industry collaborate to create the world’s first nanorobotic production system inside of a scanning electron microscope. Nanorobotics, controlled and even automated manipulation using nanoscale tools, manipulators and soldering techniques, will allow tiny carbon nanotubes to be placed as components anywhere in a circuit to replace ordinary components or to form altogether novel devices that could not be produced using conventional methods. OFFIS as coordinator together with all project partners has the pleasure to invite you to attend the first NanoHand international workshop which will take place in the framework of the ISOT2007 Conference on October 11th 2007 at Lausanne. This workshop aims at presenting the first results of the NanoHand project to the scientific community and to the industry. In addition to providing an opportunity to build up high value contacts, it aims at also providing a discussion platform where different projects can evaluate each others synergies and differences, thus finding opportunities to cooperate, where possible and advisable.

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