Dr. Ing. Alexandra Pehlken Principal Scientist

Dr. Ing. Alexandra Pehlken

Position at OFFIS

Principal Scientist

Research and Developement Division

Produktion / Manufacturing Operations Management

Competence Cluster


Position at the University

Groud Leader Cascade Use 2014-2019

Further Activities

EU Evaluator Horizon 2020,
Head of the Steinbeis Transfer Centre Resource
Member of the Board of OLEC e.V.

Research Focus

Supply Chains, Life Cycle Assessment, Material Flow Analysis, Energy Flow Analysis, Raw Materials, Critical Raw Materials, Strategic Raw Materials, Cascade Use, Data Uncertainty, Energy Management, Renewable Energies, Professional Data Center, Grey Energy, Recycling, Secondary Raw Materials, Circular Economy
Alexandra Pehlken studied Mining and Mineral processing at RWTH Aachen University in Aachen, Germany. She performed her doctorate degree at the Mining Faculty in 2002. Her expertise lies in the secondary resource management and the cascade using of materials with its impact on the life cycle performance. While being an expert in recycling, she is also involved in renewable energies. Succeeding her doctorate degree she was granted a scholarship from Germany to work for two years (2004-2005) at Materials Technology Laboratory (MTL) NRCan in Ottawa, Canada. From March 2014 until September 2019 she was head of the research group Cascade Use at Carl von Ossietzky University. Since June 2019 she is a member of the Energy division at OFFIS. Her current research focus lies on assessment of sustainable resource management in relation to the assessment of materials needed for renewable energies and sustainable transportation. She is a lecturer in Bioenergy for the international masters program “Postgraduate Programme Renewable Energy (PPRE)” at Oldenburg University. Since October 2015 she is also the head of the Steinbeis Transfercentre Resource. Since 2018 Alexandra is external evaluator for the EU Horizon 2020 research program. With her research on sustainable car parts decision making she won the Raw Material Efficiency Award 2018 from the German Government BMWi.

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OFFIS - Institut für Informatik
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of Dr. Ing. Alexandra Pehlken


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Challenges in automotive fuel cells recycling

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of Dr. Ing. Alexandra Pehlken



Abfallverbrennungskessel 4.0 - Digitalisierung und ganzheitliche Betriebscharakterisierung von Dampferzeugern in Abfallverbrennungskraftwerken

Duration: 2020 - 2023