EDNA Edge Datenwirtschaft in der nachhaltigen automatisierten Fertigungswirtschaft


Sustainably positioned companies secure their existence and are also more successful in the long run. Sustainability is currently not only a competitive advantage, the Green Deal Europe also sends a very strong political signal in the direction of CO2 reduction. An essential factor in sustainable processes is resource-saving production. For truly resource-saving production, the product line must be analysed holistically, i.e. first efficiency potentials and losses must be determined. On this basis, processes can be optimised so that a) high efficiency is achieved in the processes and b) losses are avoided wherever possible. In EDNA, the conception and realisation of sustainable production management and sustainable logistics takes place in connection with the business model and mapping in a dashboard. The overall objective of the project is to increase sustainability in a production-based business model of truck trailers in economic and ecological terms using digital twins and artificial intelligence in the interaction of edge and cloud data spaces. To this end, not only production but also the value network with suppliers will be included in the optimisation of the business model. Furthermore, it is to be demonstrated that sustainability-oriented business models, which have so far tended to be anchored in the classic production sector of mechanical engineering, can also become economically viable through digital methods. The sub-project EDNA-OFFIS Sustainable Production Management and Logistics examines the individual sub-steps from production and the supply chain and evaluates them with regard to their sustainability. One focus is on CO2 emissions, but other factors such as critical raw materials and resources are also considered.

The project is funded in the „Edge Datenwirtschaft" funding programme.

Sustainability Digital Twin: a tool for the manufacturing industry

Maria Davila, Fenja Schwark, Lisa Dawel, Alexandra Pehlken; Procedia CIRP; 0Vol 116 / 2023

KRONE Business Center GmbH & Co. KG
Hochschule Osnabrück
Jade Hochschule
Virtual Vehicle


Start: 01.10.2022
End: 30.09.2025

Source of funding

FKZ 01MD22001D

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