No more flat tires: Overcoming data defects to achieve supply chain resilience

Alexandra Pehlken, Sabine Baumann
IEEE International Conference on Engineering, Technology and Innovation (ICE/ITMC) 2021
A reliable functioning of supply chains depends on the availability of required raw materials for the manufacturing of products. With increasing scarcity of various raw materials supply chains face serious disruptions. Therefore, recycling comes into stronger focus as a secondary source for raw materials as a solution to ensure supply. This paper explores the compelling case of tires and the challenges to the resilience of its supply chain due to data defects. The role and the value of data to enable resilience in supply chains is highlighted. As main contribution the paper explores potential information technologies such as digital twins and blockchain to avoid the data gaps in the supply chain such that the recycling loop for natural rubber from scrap tires can be completed regardless of the challenges posed by company secrets.
June / 2021