GREEN Großkomponentenproduktion - Ressourcen- und Energieeffizient


In order to be able to survive in the even more competitive and changing market for aircraft parts in the future, it is necessary to orient value creation holistically towards resource efficiency. Sustainability, as a design parameter for production machines and processes, is becoming an increasingly important driver for innovations and thus a decisive competitive factor. In the GREEN project, significant improvements in resource efficiency are realisable through the data-based integrated consideration of product, production machinery and process and are demonstrated through representative use cases of large-scale aircraft structure production.


In the production of aircraft parts, the use of energy as a resource is already a significant cost factor today, the weight of which will continue to increase due to foreseeable market developments. The strategic goal of GREEN is therefore to counter this cost pressure and at the same time contribute to climate protection. OFFIS is researching the possibility of analysing and optimising resource consumption in production with the help of digital twins. One focus is the design of a modern IT architecture that supports data collection in manufacturing and the analysis of the various data sets.

OFFIS will contribute its core competencies in the area of production monitoring. The foundations will be laid for an IT platform that creates a digital image of resource consumption in the manufacturing process and develops a forward-looking architecture that reduces the resource consumption of the IT infrastructure. In addition, the infrastructure for the collection of data and thus the necessary integration of results will be realised. Production key figures and sensor values will be incorporated by OFFIS into a production evaluation model to be realised.


  • Digital twin
  • AI-assisted anomaly detection
  • Machine Learning
  • Green IT

External Leader

Tim Lewerenz (Premium Aerotec)
Das Dilemma von Druckluft und Leckagen

Lisa Dawel, ALexandra Pehlken; Industrie 4.0 Management; 0Februar / 2023

Sustainability Digital Twin: a tool for the manufacturing industry

Maria Davila, Fenja Schwark, Lisa Dawel, Alexandra Pehlken; Procedia CIRP; 0Vol 116 / 2023


Start: 01.09.2021
End: 31.08.2023

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