Influence of Material Selection and Product Design on Automotive Vehicle Recyclability

Xiaohui He, Dongmei Su, Wenchao Cai, Alexandra Pehlken, Guofang Zhang, Aimin Wang, Jinsheng Xiao
From 2008 to 2020, Chinese automobile production and sales have ranked first in the world. The huge production, sales, and ownership of automobiles will inevitably lead to a rapid increase of scrapped vehicles in the future and a corresponding issue of resource recycling. Based on the analysis of a practical dismantling study of 19.5% of components and parts with a weight greater than 0.5 kg from two typical vehicle models in 2011, this paper focuses on nonmetallic compo-nents and parts, the connection of components and parts materials, and the product life cycle of each stage, to find rational technical solutions and, therefore, maximize recyclability and recov-erability and achieve sustainable development. On one hand, recycling at each stage for vehicles is considered in the design and development of products. As a result, it is found that the main methods, which are conducive to recycling, are increasing the use ratio of materials that are easy to recycle. In addition, general principles of material selection are summarized. On the other hand, vehicles’ dismantling is considered in the initial stage of product design and methods of structural design are summarized.
03 / 2021