AEQUIPA Physical activity and health equity: primary prevention for healthy ageing


Growing old healthily is an important subject in our society and the recent demographic change. Everyone benefits from the improvement in healthy ageing and therefore a better quality of life. However, it may also profit the society as whole, not least by possibly reducing costs and discharging the health system.
An important key to ageing healthily is physical activity. In the past, numerous health campaigns have already been carried out with the aim of motivating to more physical activity. Still, they have been so far lacking adequate measures of intervention which comply to this specific target group.


The aim of the project AEQUIPA is the development of interventions which promote physical activity in old age. Therefore, factors within a community which influence the mobility are being investigated and interventions developed. A special focus lies on measures which are applicable to all socio- economic groups of people within the community.

Within the framework of AEQUIPA, OFFIS is investigating the use of technology-supported interventions based on sensor-based vital parameters to maintain the mobility of older people.

AEQUIPA is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. The Leibniz Institute for Prevention Research and Epidemiology in Bremen is responsible for coordinating the joint project. Other partners are the Universities of Oldenburg, Bremen and Heidelberg, the Jade University of Applied Sciences Oldenburg, the Jacobs University Bremen, as well as the TU Chemnitz and Dortmund.

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