Effects of two web-based interventions promoting physical activity among older adults compared to a delayed intervention control group in Northwestern Germany: Results of the PROMOTE community-based intervention trial

Muellmann, Saskia and Buck, Christoph and Voelcker-Rehage, Claudia and Bragina, Inna and Lippke, Sonia and Meyer, Jochen and Peters, Manuela and Pischke, Claudia R
Preventive Medicine Reports
Regular physical activity (PA) is of central importance for healthy ageing. However, in Germany, only 42of older adults currently reach the PA recommendations of the World Health Organization. The aim of this study was to examine the effects of two web-based interventions on PA in adults aged 65–75 years living in Northwestern Germany compared to a delayed intervention control group (CG). 589 older adults were randomized to one of the three groups. Participants in intervention group 1 (IG1) received access to a web-based intervention for ten weeks assisting them in self-tracking PA behavior. Participants in IG2 received the intervention of IG1 and additionally an activity tracker to objectively track PA behavior. To analyze differences in objectively measured moderate-to-vigorous PA and sedentary time between baseline and follow-up (12 weeks after baseline), linear mixed models were used. The interaction effects revealed a decrease in minutes spent on moderate-to-vigorous PA in bouts of 10 min by 11 min per week in IG1 participants ($= −11.08, 95CI: (−35.03; 12.87)). In comparison, IG2 participants were 7 min more physically active at follow-up ($= 7.48, 95CI: (−17.64; 32.60)). Sedentary time in bouts of 30 min per week increased in IG1 participants ($= 106.77, 95CI: (−47.69; 261.23)) and decreased in IG2 participants at follow-up ($= −16.45, 95CI: (−178.83; 145.94)). Participation in the two web-based interventions did not lead to significant increases in moderate-to-vigorous PA or significant decreases in sedentary time compared to the CG. The study was registered at the German Clinical Trials Register (DRKS00010052, 07-11-2016).
Physical activity and health equity: primary prevention for healthy ageing