Promoting community readiness for physical activity among older adults in Germany – protocol of the ready to change intervention trial

Brand, Tilman and Gansefort, Dirk and Rothgang, Heinz and Röseler, Sabine and Meyer, Jochen and Zeeb, Hajo
BMC Public Health
Healthy ageing is an important concern for many societies facing the challenge of an ageing population. Physical activity (PA) is a major contributor to healthy ageing; however insufficient PA levels are prevalent in old age in Germany. Community capacity building and community involvement are often recommended as key strategies to improve equitable access to prevention and health promotion. However, evidence for the effectiveness of these strategies is scarce. This study aims to assess the community readiness for PA promotion in local environments and to analyse the utility of strategies to increase community readiness for reaching vulnerable groups.
Physical activity and health equity: primary prevention for healthy ageing