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Medolution’s vision is that the cost of healthcare can be reduced while improving the quality of life of patients. The project aims at creating smart environments that integrate professional and user created data. This leads to relevant information to support patients and healthcare professionals in their decision making on diagnosis, treatment and further monitoring; from reactive to preventive. Medolution builds upon the results of the Medusa project that provides collaborative cloud access to medical information relevant in critical situations. Medolution, adds long -term monitoring and decision support. The Medusa topics, security, latency and collaboration, still need innovation in Medolution.

Medolution’s main technical challenges are: to deal with the enormous amounts of heterogeneous data and data sources, to integrate and combine data, and to extract relevant information from them. Medolution must do this while ensuring safety and reliability of the devices in the patient’s environment that produces and consumes this data as well as ensuring security and privacy. Medolution addresses the challenges by realising big healthcare data processing and analysis in the cloud leading to:

  • Early and pro-active decision support for patients and healthcare professionals in the form of timely meaningful alerts and notifications
  • The ability to generate healthcare predictions based on continuous trend analysis
  • The ability to share healthcare data between devices and persons

Medolution supports the European healthcare industry, software vendors and service providers by turning innovative possibilities offered by advanced analysis of big healthcare data into new, commercial service concepts and products.


External Leader

Frank van der Linden (Philips Healthcare, Netherlands)
Adaptive Pump Speed Algorithms to Improve Exercise Capacity in Patients Supported with a Left-Ventricular Assist Device

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UPEC - Université Paris-Est Créteil Val de Marne
University of Amsterdam
SRDC Software Research & Development and Consultancy Ltd.
ARGEDOR Information Technologies Ltd.
Norima Consulting Inc.
Atos IT Solutions and Services GmbH
Institut Mines-Telecom
TU Dortmund
Schüchtermann-Schiller’sche Kliniken Bad Rothenfelde GmbH & Co. KG
Medizinische Hochschule Hannover


Start: 31.08.2015
End: 30.12.2018

Source of funding


FKZ: 01IS15032D

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