OSAMI Open Source Ambient Intelligence


In the context of midget devices, flexibly combinable and co-operating devices and software components have been difficult to implement in the past due to a multitude of specialized, partly proprietary communication protocols and interfaces. The use of service oriented architectures (SOA) based on accepted open standards offers a promising solution here. Therefore, the main goal of the OSAMI project (“Open Source Ambient Intelligence Commons”) is to analyze, develop and evaluate a basic SOA capable component platform that will be made available as open- source software. The German sub-project focuses on healthcare applications, Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) in particular. Interoperability, serviceability and reliability as well as automated configuration and management of medical devices and service systems are supported so that patients can receive novel and comprehensive medical care. The beneficial applicability of the results is shown through the development of a demonstrator supporting ambulatory cardiological rehabilitation. The tech-nical basis of the project is the platform specified by the OSGi alliance, which permits an execution of application and services. This platform is combined with Web Services in order to enable distributed, dynamically configurable, vendor neutral and device- independent solutions. On this basis four technical challenges are addressed: the interoperability of medical device ensembles, the interoperability between medical device ensembles and IT solutions for integrated care, the configuration and management of adaptive services as well as an intelligent management concept.

Kardiale Telerehabilitation auf Basis einer flexiblen Plattform für verteilte Systeme - das OSAmI-D-Projekt

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OSAMI-D: An Open Service Platform for Healthcare Monitoring Applications

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AAL auf dem Weg in die Praxis - kritische Faktoren und Handlungsempfehlungen

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Technologieunabhängige Geräteintegration des OSAmI-Projekts

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Eine Softwareplattform für flexible Dienste im Fokus der kardialen Telerehabilitation

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3DLC: A Comprehensive Model for Personal Health Records Supporting New Types of Medical Applications

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AAL in Cardiac Rehabilitation

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Acceptance of telemonitoring in cardiology secondary prevention - evaluation results of the research project OSAmI Commons

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End: 30.12.2011