MARLOW A central market place for dissemination of lowpower micro-electronics design knowledge


The ability of designing low-power circuits and applications is key for electronics industries aiming at market competitiveness in the "wireless era". Building upon the results of the TARDIS ESD-LPD Cluster, the MARLOW project offers a coordinated take-up action to disseminate to a broad audience low-power electronic design knowledge, by providing access means to training, expertise and background information. The MARLOW project has created a flexible and dynamic framework that favors the exchange of information and the transfer of technology among the partners and with industry and SMEs. Services that are provided include, but are not limited to a comprehensive low-power design WEB-portal, a technology and methodology roadmap giving directions for future challenging areas of research and development, on-demand consulting and points of technical synchronization for the low-power design community.


Scientific Director

System-Level Design for Low-Power

Nebel, Wolfgang; Tagungsband für die Workshopteilnehmer; 004 / 2005

BullDAST s.r.l.
ChipVision Design Systems AG
Intracom S.A. Telecom Solutions
Politecnico di Torino
STMicroelectronics srl
TU Delft
University of Patras


Start: 31.08.2002
End: 30.08.2005

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