InTraLED INdustry-driven TRAining for Low-power European Designers


The target of the InTraLed project is the developement and the realization of "Methods and Tools for Low-Power Design" courses. The InTraLed consortium consists of seven partners. In addition to OFFIS, there are two academic partners (Polito, University of Patras), and four industrial ones (BullDAST, ChipVision, Intracom, and STMicroelectronics).


Every cluster consists of four core courses. Design of low-power digital circuits: Techniques and tools Power modeling and estimation of digital circuits: Techniques and tools System-level design for low power Low-power issues in VLSI testing and design for testability Every course cluster is extended by a complementary course. The next complementary course will be "Power-aware software developement".


The first course cluster will be from 14.10.2002 to 14.02.2003 at the Politecnico di Torino, Italy. Further clusters will take place every six month with changing location in Torino (Italy), Patras (Greece) and Oldenburg (Germany).


The target of OFFIS is the developement of a course objecting "Power-Modeling and Estimation of digital circuits". The first edition of this cluster adresses participants from the EDA industry. The next one will be upgraded by a academic part. There are six clusters at all. The cluster taking place at the OFFIS will start in October,2004.



Scientific Director


Start: 28.02.2002
End: 29.09.2005