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Scientific Director

Test-IC for Power Consumption Analysis

von Cölln (Jochens), Gerd and Rabe, Dirk and Timmermann, Bernd and Nebel, Wolfgang; 001 / 1996

VHDL Power Simulator

Kruse, Lars and Rabe, Dirk and Nebel, Wolfgang; 001 / 1997

Power-simulation of cell based ASICs: accuracy- and performance trade-offs.

Rabe, Dirk and von Cölln (Jochens), Gerd and Kruse, Lars; 001 / 1998

A new parameterizable power macro-model for datapath components

von Cölln (Jochens), Gerd and Kruse, Lars and Schmidt, Eike and Nebel, Wolfgang; 001 / 1999


Start: 31.12.1999
End: 30.12.2002