ENERSAVE Methodik zum Entwurf von energiesparenden, verifizierten Systemen


The project ENERSAVE aims to save at least 30% of energy consumption in telecommunications systems with a new design methodology and it will demonstrate its effectiveness on a next generation internet network node. Thus ENERSAVE helps to reduce CO2-emissions and energy consumptions of telecommunications equipment despite exponentially increasing data rates and volumes.

In the project, OFFIS will develop an estimation methodology for the energy needs of individual sub-components which will hold all data in a library structure. This allows so-called power contracts for top-down design of a system which may lead to a planning of the energy budget at the beginning of the system design. The individual budgets are to be held along the design process down the abstraction levels, which need not be decided anew on each design level. In order to forward the decisions taken during the design, we relate on the industry standard UPF (Universal Power Format) and CPF (Common Power Format).


Wissenschaftliche Leitung

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