Redispatch 3.0 – Congestion Management for German Power Grids – Considering Controllable Resources in Low-Voltage Grids

Krueger, Carsten and Otte, Marcel and Holly, Stefanie and Rathjen, Saskia and Wellssow, Arlena and Lehnhoff, Sebastian
ETG Congress 2023
The political targets of the energy transition in Germany lead to new challenges, triggered by a strong increase of renewable energies in the low-voltage grids. An extension of the processes for congestion management to include controllable resources in the distribution grid is necessary. The project Redispatch 3.0 addresses topics related to forecast-based and curative congestion management. This work presents the process in an overall architecture, with a focus on connection alternatives to access the controllable local systems (CLS) of the intelligent metering system (iMSys), the network operator communication cascade and incentive models for flexibility provision. The basic technologies developed in this project provide the capability for congestion management with controllable resources in low-voltage grids and are evaluated in two independent field tests to demonstrate the overall system behaviour in a real power grid.
Juli / 2023
Redispatch 3.0