Carsten Krüger, M.Sc. Senior Researcher

M.Sc. Carsten Krüger

Position at OFFIS

Senior Researcher

Research and Developement Division

Energy, Energy / Smart Grid Testing

Competence Cluster

Applied Artificial Intelligence (AAI)


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of Carsten Krüger, M.Sc.


Automated integration process of future automation and monitoring systems in distribution grids

Raczka, Sebastian and Puhe, Frederik and Krueger, Carsten and Arph, Jan and Rehtanz, Christian; ETG Congress 2023; Juli / 2023

Redispatch 3.0 – Congestion Management for German Power Grids – Considering Controllable Resources in Low-Voltage Grids

Krueger, Carsten and Otte, Marcel and Holly, Stefanie and Rathjen, Saskia and Wellssow, Arlena and Lehnhoff, Sebastian; ETG Congress 2023; Juli / 2023

Virtualisation and management technologies of smart substations

Krüger, Carsten and Kamsamrong, Jirapa and Lehnhoff, Sebastian; Virtualisation and management technologies of smart substations; 2023


A novel software applications rollout and monitoring strategy for enabling the transition to electromobility in future smart grids

Raczka, S. and Bauernschmitt, B. and Hilbrich, Dominik and Palaniappan, Rajkumar and Rehtanz, C. and Krueger, C. and Kamsamrong, J. and Lehnhoff, S. and Puhe, Frederik and Keune, B. and Obermayer, C. and Hermanns, C. and Stelmaszyk, H. and Finke, S. and Schmidt, M. and Eberling, M. and Arph, J. and Hein, A. and Becker, T. and Richter, F.; Conference proceeding; 01 / 2022


A comprehensive analysis of threats and countermeasures in virtualized cyber-physical energy systems

Shadi Attarha, Carsten Krüger, Jirapa Kamsamrong, Davood Babazadeh, Sebastian Lehnhoff; Conference proceeding; September / 2021

Demo abstract: A Platform to Assess the Trust in Power System Components, Data, and Services

Michael Brand, Felipe Castro, Batoul Hage Hassan, Carsten Krüger, Torben Logemann, Björn Siemers, Dennis Weller, Torge Wolff, Sebastian Lehnhoff; Abstracts of the 10th DACH+ Conference on Energy Informatics; 09 / 2021


Grid Function Virtualization for Reliable Provision of Services in Cyber-Physical Energy Systems

Anand Narayan, Batoul Hage Hassan, Shadi Attarha, Carsten Krüger, Davood Babazadeh, Sebastian Lehnhoff; Power and Energy Society (PES) General meeting 2020; August / 2020

Real-time Test Platform for Enabling Grid Service Virtualisation in Cyber Physical Energy System

Krüger, Carsten and Narayan, Anand and Castro, Felipe and Hassan, Batoul Hage and Attarha, Shadi and Babazadeh, Davood and Lehnhoff, Sebastian; 2020 25th IEEE International Conference on Emerging Technologies and Factory Automation (ETFA); 2020

Trust assessment of power system states

Brand, Michael and Babazadeh, Davood and Krüger, Carsten and Siemers, Björn and Lehnhoff, Sebastian; Energy Informatics; 2020

Virtualization Management Concept for Flexible and Fault-tolerant Smart Grid Service Provision

Attarha, Shadi and Narayan, Anand and Hage Hassan, Batoul and Krüger, Carsten and Castro, Felipe and Babazadeh, Davood and Lehnhoff, Sebastian; Energies; May / 2020


Framework for the Integration of ICT-relevant Data in Power System Applications

Michael Brand, Shoaib Ansari, Felipe Castro, Ranim Chakra, Batoul Hage Hassan, Carsten Krüger, Davood Babazadeh, Sebastian Lehnhoff; PowerTech; 2019

Flexible and Reconfigurable Automation Architecture for Electrical Power Systems

Jorge Velasquez, Carsten Krüger, Davood Babazadeh, Sebastian Lehnhoff, Rajkumar Palaniappan, Björn Bauernschmitt, Dominik Hilbrich, Christian Rehtanz; Powertech2019; 2019

Towards Future SCADA Systems for ICT-reliant Energy Systems

Anand Narayan, Carsten Krüger, Andre Göring, Davood Babazadeh, Marie-Christin Harre, Bertram Wortelen, Andreas Luedtke, Sebastian Lehnhoff; International ETG-Congress 2019; ETG Symposium; 2019



Flexible and Reconfigurable Data Sharing for Smart Grid Functions

Carsten KrügerJorge VelasquezDavood BabazadehSebastian Lehnhoff; Energy Informatics; 2018


Dynamic Portfolio Optimization for Distributed Energy Resources in Virtual Power Plants

Balduin, Stephan and Brauer, Dierk and Elend, Lars and Holly, Stefanie and Korte, Jan and Krüger, Carsten and Meier, Almuth and Oest, Frauke and Sanders-Sjuts, Immo and Sauer, Torben and Schnieders, Marco and Zilke, Robert and Hinrichs, Christian and Sonnenschein, Michael; Advances and New Trends in Environmental Informatics: Stability, Continuity, Innovation; 2017

Simulation: A Case for Interoperability based on LCIM

Mathias Uslar; Judith Schulte; Davood Babazadeh; Florian Schlögl; Maike Rosinger; Proceeding of the INDIN 2017; 8 / 2017

uGrip - Microgrid Positioning

Mathias Uslar, Judith Schulte; Davood Babazadeh; Florian Schlögl; Carsten Krüger; Maike Rosinger; Postersession der SESWA 2017 Graz; 9 / 2017