CogniLog Cognitive Logistic Networks


Scientific Director

Towards a Multi-agent Platform for Cyber-Physical Systems Based on Low-Power Microcontroller for Automated Intralogistics

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Design Aspects of Cognitive Logistic Systems.

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A System Architecture for Robotic Movements of Goods.

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Mehr Flexibilität erzielen

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Optimized data-available storage for energylimited wireless sensor networks

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ZeDDS - Fault-Tolerant Data Management in Wireless Sensor Networks with Mobile Users

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Ein adaptives Vorhersagemodell für Signalstärken in einem Funknetzwerk

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EnvEdit - A Graphical Environment Editor - Approaches towards a Fast and Simple Way of Building Complex Environments in Multi Agent Simulations

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Modeling Individual Decision Makers In A Multi Agent Warehouse Simulation

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CogniLog – Cognitive Logistics for Warehousing

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Observability of Transportation Systems - A Methodology for Reliability Analysis in Logistics and Manufacturing

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Multi Agent Simulation Of A Warehouse

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Leibniz Universität Hannover - Institut für Transport- und Automatisierungstechnik (ITA)


Start: 30.09.2008
End: 27.09.2013

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