Towards a Multi-agent Platform for Cyber-Physical Systems Based on Low-Power Microcontroller for Automated Intralogistics

Stasch, Arne and Hahn, Axel
Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Informatics in Control, Automation and Robotics
Today the fluctuating market requires more flexibility from central controlled material flow systems. A new approach such as the Internet of Things is able to turn the common structure into a cognitive decentralized system. This paper addresses a modularized solution for material flow systems in intralogistical environment. The promising concept of Internet of Things leads to an idea of a cyber-physical system with a Multi-agent platform which is presented in this paper. In order to develop a system which is capable of meeting industrial needs, a low-power microcontroller is chosen as basis for the Multi-agent system. The combination has advantages but also restrictions which are discussed. A demonstrator for the future implementation of the system and evaluation is introduced.
8 / 2013
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Cognitive Logistiknetzwerke
Jean-Louis Ferrier and Oleg Yu. Gusikhin and Kurosh Madani and Jurek Z. Sasiadek