Cicely Technical support of ambulant palliative care


According to statistical calculations, the current demographic development in Germany will lead to an increasing number of critically ill people (e.g., with cancer or an advanced, chronic heart illness or lung illness) and at the same time cause a decline in the number of people who take care of a sick person. Primarily with critical illnesses, the larger part of a person’s health expense is spent within the last year of life. To guarantee high-standard healthcare and the care of critically ill in Germany, unused resources must be identified and activated, and existing resources have to be used efficiently and only as needed.

The aim of Cicely is the development of an on-demand, coordinated, user-oriented service and technology for supporting special ambulant palliative care. We focus on implementing a system for storing health care documentation and health care processes. This system will be linked to a domestic monitoring system and complemented by a coaching and empowerment module. It is planned for the system to support caring family members and the care personnell. At the same time interdisciplinary work will be optimized with a joint access to an online portal.
The implementation of the integrated technology and service will be tested around Oldenburg by all the actors who are involved as project partners. 


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Palliativzentrum Oldenburg
ipac- Institut für Palliative Care e. V.
Johanniter- Unfall- Hilfe e.V.
NOWIS – Nordwest-Informationssysteme GmbH & Co. KG


Start: 30.09.2012
End: 29.09.2015

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