CASCADe Model-based Cooperative and Adaptive Ship-based Context Aware Design


The development of ship bridge systems is characterized by being non-harmonious and far from guaranteed to be of optimal design for the actual users of them. Existing regulations for system and procedure design are disconnected and defined on a level which is not informative for bridge design. Research has shown clearly, that in many cases, accidents and incidents were caused by human error due to non-optimal design of the human-machine interaction leading to degraded situation awareness. CASCADe addresses study and design of bridges as an integrated whole within a Cooperative System Design Methodology, a holistic perspective which allows to detect and solving potential conflicts (incl. human errors), inconsistencies and redundancies (e.g. of information presented on screens) already during design time. We will use the design methodology to develop an Adaptive Bridge System to permanently or semi-permanently adapt the information content, distribution and presentation on the user interfaces to the current situation, relevant procedures and the needs of the individual seafarer. The methodology will be supported by a Virtual Simulation Platform which enables analysis of the cooperative bridge system purely based on models, in particular Cognitive Seafarer Models which mimic decision making and situation awareness processes of real human seafarers. The virtual platform allows a very careful evaluation of the Adaptive Bridge System to research solutions for adaptation which provide benefits (e.g., increase situation awareness) that outweigh their costs (e.g. cognitive disruption). The results of the project will contribute to the improvement of safety of maritime transport through: (1) a new Adaptive Bridge System (ABS) that will recognise, prevent and recover from human errors by increasing cooperation between all crew and machines on the bridge and (2) a new human-centred design methodology supporting analysis of agent interaction at early development stages.


External Leader

Dr. Cilli Sobiech
Model-based adaptive bridge design in the maritime domain. The Cascade project

Denis Javaux, Andreas Luedtke, Eugen Adami, Paul Allen, Christian Denker, Tommy Guldhammer Mikkelsen, Philipp Lohrmann, Henning Mextorf, Raphael Sternon, Cilli Sobiech, Patrick Vanderstraeten, Christian van Goens and Georges Vroonen; Proc. of AHFE 2015; 07 / 2015

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University of Cardiff
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Start: 31.12.2012
End: 30.12.2015

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