Model-based adaptive bridge design in the maritime domain. The Cascade project

Denis Javaux, Andreas Luedtke, Eugen Adami, Paul Allen, Christian Denker, Tommy Guldhammer Mikkelsen, Philipp Lohrmann, Henning Mextorf, Raphael Sternon, Cilli Sobiech, Patrick Vanderstraeten, Christian van Goens and Georges Vroonen
Proc. of AHFE 2015
CASCADe is a European project aiming at designing advanced adaptive ship bridges, using model-based approaches and simulations. The models are used for capturing and simulating the seafarers’ tasks and their information and situation awareness needs, through the use of cognitive seafarers’ models; for studying and designing their physical interaction with console equipment, including controls and displays, through sophisticated anthropometric 3D models; and finally for designing and manufacturing the physical bridge itself (console, workstation, furniture).
7 / 2015
Procedia Manufacturing
Model-based Cooperative and Adaptive Ship-based Context Aware Design
T. Ahram, W. Karwowski and D. Schmorrow
Vol. 3 2015