Be+BeRobot Reasoning and Assessment Standards of Robotics for Nursing


Demographic change in Germany is increasingly raising questions about the security and quality of care for old people and for other people in need of care and support. The use of robotics in nursing is believed to offer the potential to effectively support, relieve and connect nursing work in the future. So far, however, it is still unclear what contribution robotics can actually make to nursing care practice, how the systems can be integrated into the work processes, and how successful collaboration between man and machine can be shaped in the fields of care.


Be+BeRobot is a scientific accompanying project of the BMBF funding line "Robotic Systems for Nursing". Its goal is to develop nursing-theoretical and empirical justification lines for the use of robotic systems in nursing, which cover the different fields of action of nursing care such as hospitals and old people's homes, outpatient and home care as well as care of people with disabilities. On this basis, an evaluation tool for needs-based development, application-specific deployment and appropriate institutional framework of the use robotics in nursing will be developed, tested and empirically validated together with the research projects of the funding line.


OFFIS investigates technical issues in the project. These include, for example, the required sensors, issues of data protection and interoperability, as well as the usability of virtual reality to make robotic systems experienceable and assessable on the basis of virtual application scenarios.


External Leader

Univ.-Prof. Dr. phil. Manfred Hülsken-Giesler
A Survey of Robotic Systems for Nursing Care

Celia Nieto Agraz, Max Pfingsthorn, Pascal Gliesche, Marco Eichelberg and Andreas Hein; Frontiers in Robotics and AI; 0April / 2022

Potenziale entlastender Assistenzrobotik in der Pflege

Kowalski, Christian and Gliesche, Pascal and Agraz, Celia Nieto and Hein, Andreas; Pflegeinnovationen in der Praxis: Erfahrungen und Empfehlungen aus dem „Cluster Zukunft der Pflege``; 2023

Vorstudie: Subjektive Bewertung des Schutzes der Privatsphäre in einem Telepräsenzszenario mit dem humanoiden Roboter Ameca

Nieto Agraz, Celia and Hinrichs, Pascal and Eichelberg, Marco and Hein, Andreas; Zukunft der Pflege. Tagungsband der 6. Clusterkonferenz 2023; 2023

Begründungs- und Bewertungskriterien für den Einsatz von Robotik für die Pflege: Empirische Ergebnisse zu qualifikatorischen und institutionellen Voraussetzungen zur Implementierung

Hülsken-Giesler, Manfred and Lienenbrink, Simone and Behrens, Jonathan and Biedermann, Heidrun and Eichelberg, Marco and Fricke, Christa and Garthaus, Marcus and Handke, Katharina and Helten, Svenja and Hiemenz, Thomas and Meyer, Sibylle and Müller, Claudia and Agraz, Celia Nieto and Paluch, Richard; Abstractband der 5. Clusterkonferenz „Zukunft der Pflege“, Freiburg, 21.-22.09.2022; 2022

Universität Osnabrück -Abteilung Pflegewissenschaften
SIBIS - Institut für Sozialforschung GmbH
Universität Siegen -IT für die alternde Gesellschaft
Deutscher Caritasverband e. V.


Start: 01.11.2019
End: 31.10.2022

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