BACK2WORK Developing an interactive game for promoting integration of young adults into professional life


The aim of the project " Back2Work " is the design and development of a serious game in order to motivate young adults within the District of Oldenburg to participate in working life . This is intended to facilitate participation in socially relevant activities.
The Department of Labor Market Integration in the District of Oldenburg identified certain properties amongst young adults, particularly in handling new technologies f. e. their affinity with computer games and social networks. Since computer games are generally highly attractive to young people, using information and communication technology facilitates access to this target group which this research collaboration will use to create new ways leading into working life. Accordingly, OFFIS is approaching this target group -  which may not be reached via todays ways in labor market  - using an interactive web-based game. Participants of the target group are meant to shape the game in a way that teenagers and young adults may benefit from using it. The target group is supposed to have interest and confidence in the game in order to develop the game´s tasks and incentives without feeling controlled and/or patronized. Nevertheless, the goal of designing this game is to help overcoming the youth´s deficits f. e. not being able to have a daily routine.


The project „Back2Work“ develops an interactive game which promotes integrating unemployed young adults into the professional market. The development is based on a participatory design process, i.e. end users are strongly involved into the design, development and evaluation of the game.



Scientific Director

WorkStar: Involving young adults to design a serious game for working life integration

Torben Wallbaum, Wilko Heuten, Catharina Janssen, Susanne Boll; Universal Design 2014: Three Days of Creativity and Diversity; 06 / 2014

LEB Oldenburg
Landkreis Oldenburg


Start: 28.02.2013
End: 30.08.2014