ARAMiS II Automotive Railway Avionics Multicore Systems II


OFFIS will mainly contribute to the structured development process by improving hardware architecture characterisations – including supported safety mechanisms – with respect to timing and concurrency aspects. Based on these improvements it will be possible to carry out the verification and validation steps necessary for demonstrating functional safety of systems based on these architectures. Also the necessary extensions of analysis methods and technologies will be carried out by OFFIS in this context.


In the ARAMiS project, leading industry companies and research institutions demonstrated the usability of multicore technology in safety-critical applications based on prototypical implementations. As the follow-up project, the focus of ARAMiS II is on optimization and advancement of the development processes in the domains automobile, avionic, and industrial automation, especially development tools and platforms for the efficient usage of multicore technology. This will be achieved by the provision of a systematic and structured multicore development process for multicore software and platforms. The formulation of the required methods and tools to realize the structured multicore development process, as well as the development and advancement of industrial platforms considering the multicore specific requirements, complete the main activities to be carried out in ARAMiS II.


OFFIS will use and enhance safety oriented design and analysis methods in the project. Particularly the – widely accepted and industrial relevant – approach of Safety Architecture Patterns will be extended and applied to architectures of multi-core applications and hence will be made available for this class of platforms.

Entwurfsabsicherung für eingebettete Mehrkernsysteme im Kontext der ISO 26262

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Start: 30.09.2016
End: 29.09.2019

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