Demo abstract: A Platform to Assess the Trust in Power System Components, Data, and Services

Michael Brand, Felipe Castro, Batoul Hage Hassan, Carsten Krüger, Torben Logemann, Björn Siemers, Dennis Weller, Torge Wolff, Sebastian Lehnhoff
Abstracts of the 10th DACH+ Conference on Energy Informatics
Modern energy systems are cyber-physical energy systems (CPES) with increased reliance on information and communication technology (ICT). With the ”Smart Grid Cyber-Resilence Laboratory”, a laboratory is built up to enable and foster the research on the influence of data integrity losses on the functionality of a CPES. This paper describes a demonstration of how the situational awareness of the ICT system can contribute to reliable power system operation. Monitoring systems are deployed, and their data are fed into a big-data time-series database. The information is used to assess the trust in power system measurements and state variables. In the demonstration, the operator can keep the system stable with help of hints about a manipulation in terms of untrustworthy state variables.
09 / 2021
Springer Open
Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg
Energy Informatics
Smart Grid Cyber-Resilience Laboratory