Using Information Security as a Facet of Trustworthiness for Self-Organizing Agents in Energy Coalition Formation Processes

Christine Rosinger , Mathias Uslar, Jürgen Sauer
Proceedings of the 28th EnviroInfo 2014 Conference
Trustworthiness - besides other decision making factors like technical or regulatory requirements - can be one key aspect for the decision making in coalition formation processes with agents in the energy domain. In this paper the trustworthiness facet information security is used to describe the realized security measures and standards of the systems for coalising energy agents as one trust building factor. These realized security measures are assessed and used for the decision making in the coalition formation process. This contribution shows also some of the results for developing a trust model for a multi-agent-based energy management system in the “Smart Nord” project.
9 / 2014
BIS-Verlag, Oldenburg
Smart Nord
Intelligent Distribution Grids in Northern Germany