Robotic Assistance in Nursing Care: Survey on Challenges and Scenarios

Gliesche, Pascal and Seibert, Kathrin and Kowalski, Christian and Domhoff, Dominik and Pfingsthorn, Max and Wolf-Ostermann, Karin and Hein, Andreas
International Journal of Biomedical and Biological Engineering
Robotic assistance in nursing care is an increasinglyimportant area of research and development. Facing a shortage oflabor and an increasing number of people in need of care, theGerman Nursing Care Innovation Center (Pflegeinnovationszentrum,PIZ) aims to address these challenges from the side of technology.Little is known about nurses experiences with existing roboticassistance systems. Especially nurses perspectives on starting pointsfor the development of robotic solutions, that target recurringburdensome tasks in everyday nursing care, are of interest. Thispaper presents findings focusing on robotics resulting from anexplanatory mixed-methods study on nurses experiences with andtheir expectations for innovative technologies in nursing care instationary and ambulant care facilities and hospitals in Germany.Based on the findings, eight scenarios for robotic assistance areidentified based on the real needs of practitioners. An initial systemaddressing a single use-case is described to show perspectives for theuse of robots in nursing care.
09 / 2020
World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology