Preliminary Viability Test of a 3-D-Consumer-Camera-Based System for Automatic Gait Feature Detection in People with and without Parkinson’s Disease

Pedro Arizpe-Gomez, Kirsten Harms, Sebastian Fudickar, Kathrin Janitzky, Karsten Witt and Andreas Hein
Proceedings of ICHI 2020
Movement contains a large amount of cognitive,central-motor and musculoskeletal information that correlatesdirectly with the general state of health. Approaches to automaticmovement analysis, in particular to automatized gait analysisare of utmost relevance to offer modern technological supportfor health professionals. The purpose of this paper is to presentthe experimental setup and preliminary results of the viabilitytest of the TEDIPA study, which will evaluate the comparabilityof Azure Kinect’s consumer depth and color camera with themedical product for gait analysis GAITRite, regarding accuracyand precision when measuring key indicators of healthy andpathological gait.
12 / 2020