Pedro Fernando Arizpe Gomez, M.Sc. Scientific Researcher

M.Sc. Pedro Fernando Arizpe Gomez

Position at OFFIS

Scientific Researcher

Research and Developement Division

Produktion / Smart Human Robot Collaboration, Gesundheit / Assistive Technologien für Versorgung und Pflege

Competence Cluster

Human Machine Cooperation (HMC)

Research Focus

Medical informatics, scientific visualization and medical image communication

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OFFIS - Institut für Informatik
Escherweg 2
26121 Oldenburg

of Pedro Fernando Arizpe Gomez, M.Sc.


Design of a Supportive Transfer Robot System for Caregivers to Reduce Physical Strain During Nursing Activities

Kowalski, Christian and Arizpe-Gomez, Pedro and Fifelski, Conrad and Brinkmann, Anna and Hein, Andreas; Studies in health technology and informatics; 2020

Preliminary Viability Test of a 3-D-Consumer-Camera-Based System for Automatic Gait Feature Detection in People with and without Parkinson’s Disease

Pedro Arizpe-Gomez, Kirsten Harms, Sebastian Fudickar, Kathrin Janitzky, Karsten Witt and Andreas Hein; Proceedings of ICHI 2020; 12 / 2020


Intuitive human-robot interaction for physical support during nursing activities using myoelectric signals

Kowalski, Christian and Arizpe-Gomez, Pedro and Weiß, Sebastian and Gliesche, Pascal and Hein, Andreas; Zukunft der Pflege Tagungsband der 2. Clusterkonferenz; 2019