Poster abstract: district energy management simulation framework with rolling horizon approach

Alexander Hill, Christian Pieper, Jan-Henrik Bruhn, Patrik Schönfeldt, Fernando Andres Penaherrera Vaca
Abstracts of the 12th DACH+ Conference on Energy Informatics 2023
Various models of the distribution grid are developed to assess the impact of imbalanced loads on the three phases or to conduct a state estimation with different kinds of measurement infrastructure installed in the grid. Sometimes very detailed models of small areas of the grid are also used to enhance load disaggregation techniques. In this paper, we present a detailed three-phase residential house model that can be integrated into low voltage distribution grid models. It enables both a detailed analysis of the impact of individual asymmetrical three-phase load and generation systems and the state estimation of the whole grid based on all kinds of measurement infrastructure. The model is based on a real house and validated with different load scenarios. We show that the model enables the identification of the impact of individual devices when integrating it into a distribution grid model. Other use cases include the evaluation of load disaggregation and state estimation algorithms for low voltage grids. The Python source code to duplicate and use our model is published as open-source.
10 / 2023
Energetisches Nachbarschaftsquartier Fliegerhorst Oldenburg (sorry - only available in german)