Fernando Andres Penaherrera Vaca Senior Researcher

Fernando Andres Penaherrera Vaca

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Senior Researcher

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Energie / Energieeffiziente Smart Cities

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of Fernando Andres Penaherrera Vaca


Analysis of the Grid Capacity for Electric Vehicles in Districts with a Major Need for Sustainable Energy Refurbishment: The Case of a District in Lower Saxony

Henrik Wagner, Sarah Eckhoff, Sarah Fayed, Fernando Peñaherrera V.,Annika Ofenloch, Oliver Werth, Bernd Engel, Michael H. Breitner,Sebastian Lehnhoff, and Johannes Rolink; ENVIROINFO 2021; September / 2021

Development of Scenarios for Modelling of Districts’ Energy Supply and Analysis of Interdependencies between Energy and ICT

Fernando Peñaherrera V., Henrik Wagner, Sarah Fayed, Oliver Werth, Stephan Ferenz, Jana Gerlach, Tobias Lege, Annika Ofenloch, Thomas Poppinga, Catharina Siemer, Michael Breitner, Bernd Engel, Lars Kühl, Sebastian Lehnhoff1, Astrid Nieße, Johannes Rolink, Sven Rosinger, and Frank Schuldt; Energy Informatics and Electro Mobility ICT; March / 2021

How to Measure Criticality in Environmental Impact Assessments?

Peñaherrera, F., Pehlken, A. & Koch, B.; -ProMETS- Workshop 2021; März / 2021

Softwarearchitektur für die Bewertung des Ressourcenbedarfes in Rechenzentren durch ganzheitliche Ressourceneffizienz

Fernando Penaherrera, Alexandra Pehlken, Ralph Hintemann, Simon Hinterholzer, Björn Koch; Informatik 2021; September / 2021

What do we really know about critical raw material impact?

Peñaherrera, F. & Pehlken, A. ; LCM2021; September / 2021